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    The Cultural Heritage Protection Practice

    We have been operating on the Polish market for 10 years. We are an independent law office created by people closely connected with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. Our team consists of nearly 40 lawyers, 9 of whom also possess a doctoral degree in law.

    Our clients include leading Polish and international enterprises, as well as public institutions.

    We have extensive experience regarding the provision of services for the participants of the energy market, the widely understood rail and aviation industry, the food sector, and organizational units of territorial self-government, as well as professional self-governing bodies. We provide complex services connected with investments in the area of the real estate property business, property transactions, circulation and management, as well as also consultancy and advice regarding the protection of cultural heritage.

    We specialize in legislation and regulated activity. We are experts on issues relating to economic law, company-related law, labour law, intellectual property law, penal law, including penal and economic law, consumer protection law, as well as state aid, public procurements and public and private partnership law. We also provide advisory services on litigation proceedings.

    We are distinguished by our pragmatic and result-orientated approach to our Clients. The commitment to quality and the experience of our lawyers allows us to provide every Client with bespoke services meeting every one of their needs and requirements, regardless of the size of their enterprise, their office location, or scope of their business activities.

    The Cultural Heritage Protection Practice

    We provide legal representation and advice in proceedings before heritage protection authorities and historic building conservation bodies. We draw up strategies related to real estate development under conservation supervision, prepare opinions and legal expertise and evaluate the conservation status of real estate.

    We provide advisory services related to the Act on Museums, draw up analyses concerning the Libraries Law and the National Archive Resources and Archives Act.

    We represent Clients in administrative proceedings before heritage protection authorities, particularly in proceedings for issuance of conservation permits and in proceedings related to the approval of conservation projects in land development and management conditions decisions.

    We also provide advisory services and represent our Clients in conservation recommendation issuing proceedings and before municipality, town and city authorities with regard to the listing and de-listing of buildings on municipality lists of buildings of special architectural or historic interest.

    Our experience also extends across the following issues:

    • Preparing expert legal opinions regarding administrative proceedings for the Mazovian Voivodship Conservator of Monuments.  
    • Legal advisory services provided to special-purpose vehicles of the BBI Development NFI Group concerning conservation proceedings related to the execution of building and construction projects within the area of Warsaw’s former vodka distillery Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser”, former “Skarpa” cinema, and the “Supersam” modernist supermarket at Plac Unii Lubelskiej (Union of Lublin Square) in Warsaw.
    • Legal advisory services related to conservation proceedings concerning the modernisation of Warsaw’s Służewiec Racecourse. 
    • Advisory and representation services to the Centrum Development and Investments Polska Company in proceedings concerning the execution of the “Pasaż Victoria” project in Lublin.
    • Advisory services provided to Eastbridge in relation to the conservation permit for the conversion of the former “Smyk” Centralny Dom Towarowy (Central Department Store) in Warsaw.
    • Obtaining interpretations conducive to investors in Warsaw’s former “Norblin” factory (metal rolling mill) from conservation authorities with regard to the scope of protection in the listing decision on the list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest.
    • Legal services which led to the de-listing of a part of the technical infrastructure of the former “Norblin” plant in Warsaw from the list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest .
    • Participation in proceedings before heritage protection authorities related to the approval of local spatial development projects for the Archdiocese of Warsaw. 
    • Representing individual clients in numerous proceedings regarding the obligation of restoring buildings of special architectural or historic interest to their previously existing condition or to their best attainable state.


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