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    The Company Law and Labour Law Practice

    We have been operating on the Polish market for 10 years. We are an independent law office created by people closely connected with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. Our team consists of nearly 40 lawyers, 9 of whom also possess a doctoral degree in law.

    Our clients include leading Polish and international enterprises, as well as public institutions.

    We have extensive experience regarding the provision of services for the participants of the energy market, the widely understood rail and aviation industry, the food sector, and organizational units of territorial self-government, as well as professional self-governing bodies. We provide complex services connected with investments in the area of the real estate property business, property transactions, circulation and management, as well as also consultancy and advice regarding the protection of cultural heritage.

    We specialize in legislation and regulated activity. We are experts on issues relating to economic law, company-related law, labour law, intellectual property law, penal law, including penal and economic law, consumer protection law, as well as state aid, public procurements and public and private partnership law. We also provide advisory services on litigation proceedings.

    We are distinguished by our pragmatic and result-orientated approach to our Clients. The commitment to quality and the experience of our lawyers allows us to provide every Client with bespoke services meeting every one of their needs and requirements, regardless of the size of their enterprise, their office location, or scope of their business activities.

    The Company Law Practice

    We provide comprehensive services related to commercial law and capital markets. We conduct legal audits of companies and provide services regarding the establishment and registration process of companies and other legal entities. We also prepare corporate documentation and conduct ongoing legal services for companies, including those in the public domain, in particular related to drawing up draft contracts and agreements, and we also negotiate their content, mentoring their implementation.

    We provide services related to general meetings, ordinary meetings of shareholders, as well as management and supervisory boards sittings, inclusive of preparing or analysing draft resolutions.

    We also provide services related to company transformation, merger, division and liquidation processes and  offer comprehensive legal advice and support regarding merger and takeover transactions, as well as transactions on capital markets, including those concerning the issuance of bonds, shares or the admission of companies to trading on the stock exchange.

    We help our Clients with regard to registering business entities in the register of entrepreneurs and registering any subsequent data changes.

    The Labour Law Practice

    We provide advisory services in the drawing up and evaluation of employee documentation, in particular employment agreements, non-competition agreements, property entrusting agreements, and management personnel agreements, as well as in workplace regulations, remuneration policies and bonus policy regulations. We also provide comprehensive services referring to the mode and principles of amending company employment structure.

    We perform analyses of employee contract provisions as well as of internal company regulations defining the terms and conditions of employment contract termination.

    We represent employers in individual and collective disputes regarding Labour Law, in particular proceedings determining the existence of an employment relationship, determining the reinstatement of a dismissed employee, concerning claims for compensation for unfair dismissal, unequal treatment and mobbing, and for damages caused to the employer.

    Our experience also extends across the following issues:   

    • Ongoing corporate services provided to ZPC Mieszko S.A. 
    • Legal advisory services during the creation of a public offering prospectus for ZPC Mieszko S.A., assistance with the issuing of corporate bonds and with the waiving of company share dematerialisation.
    • Ongoing corporate services provided to the PGE S.A. capital group, in particular with regard to the establishment and assessment of contracts and agreements as well as the drawing up of legal opinions. 
    • Ongoing corporate services provided to the ENEA S.A. capital group, in particular with regard to the establishment and assessment of contracts and agreements and the drawing up of legal opinions. 
    • Ongoing corporate services provided to the ATTIS capital group.
    • Legal services provided to sellers with regard to the share sale transaction of 100% of the stock in the subsidiary of EXATEL S.A.
    • Legal services provided to Operator Logistyczny Paliw Płynnych Sp. z o.o., the Liquid Fuel Logistic Operator, with regard to the sale of fixed asset components.
    • Legal services provided to PLL LOT S.A. with regard to the sale of fixed asset components.
    • Legal corporate services provided to the Industrial Energy Sector and Energy Recipients Chamber. 


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