• Specialisations

    State aid and the EU law

    Magdalena Czuba - Wąsowska

    attorney, PhD, partner
    tel.: +48 22 745 32 35

    We provide legal counselling concerning regulation of state aid law and the European Union law. We provide services for both public (public administration institutions, state-owned companies) and private entities.

    Our services include:

    • preparing legal opinions, expert’s reports and reports on the state aid law (both national and of the European Union);
    • preparing legal opinions on the existence of state aid and the need to obtain permission to receive it;
    • support in the process of notifying state aid;
    • preparing analyses of legal status of companies related to the state aid law as part of transactions (share deal, asset deal);
    • Private Investor Test-type analyses (private investor test, private creditor test);
    • analyses of impact of ownership changes on the scope of rights and obligations resulting from granted state aid, especially from agreements concluded in projects co-funded by the European Union;
    • preparing models of funding projects using the EU funds;
    • preparing conditions and rules of granting state aid in the context of requirements resulting from the European Union regulations;
    • preparing drafts of investment agreements;
    • legal audits of the execution of projects funded using state aid resources, especially the ones co-funded by the European Union;
    • preparing legal opinions concerning the EU law.


    Our key Clients whom we provide or provided with services concerning state aid and the EU law:

    • Industrial Development Agency JSC [PL: Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A.]
    • Polish Development Fund [PL: Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A.]
    • PFR Ventures S.A.
    • Polish Investment and Trade Agency PFR Group [PL: Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu S.A.]
    • PGE Capital Group [PL: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.]
    • PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.
    • Fortum Heat and Power Polska sp. z o.o.
    • PGNiG Termika S.A.
    • Forum Odbiorców Energii Elektrycznej i Gazu (Chamber of Industrial Energetics and Energy Customers [PL: Izba Energetyki Przemysłowej Odbiorców Energii])