• Specialisations

    Criminal law and penal fiscal law

    Olgierd Pogorzelski

    attorney, partner
    tel.: +48 22 745 32 35

    We provide comprehensive legal services for entities in relation to the ongoing criminal and penal fiscal proceedings. We offer support for both natural and legal persons in cases when they are victims of a crime. We help to properly secure evidence for the purposes of the initiated proceedings. We represent people during the interrogation, search and detention.

    We offer defence both in the preparatory proceedings and court proceedings. We advise on tactics and strategies accompanying defensive actions. We help to implement conciliatory solutions of all kinds and other related to putting the perpetrator on probation.

    Our services include:

    • gathering and securing evidence if the crime is revealed;
    • preparing notifications about suspicion of a crime;
    • participating in the hearing of witnesses (also as the aggrieved party);
    • representing entities in the misdemeanour proceedings both as the aggrieved parties and as the accused;
    • providing legal services during searches, detaining and other pre-trial activities;
    • representing suspects at the stage of preventative measures procedures, especially the pre-trial detention;
    • defending the suspects at the stage of the preparatory proceedings, including the possibility of using available conciliatory modes;
    • planning and conducting defence before the court;
    • preparing, submitting and supporting ordinary and extraordinary remedies;
    • defence actions in the enforcement proceedings, especially aiming at passing the electronic monitoring system sentence or parole.