• Specialisations

    Contracts in business transactions

    Adam Szalc

    attorney, partner
    tel.: +48 22 745 32 35

    Many years of practice in providing services for enterprisers operating on various markets have enabled us to gain experience in preparing and verifying different types of contracts required for safe operations in business transactions, especially trade contracts.

    We prepare nominate contracts (with their essential aspects based on the provisions of the acts, especially the Civil Code [PL: Kodeks cywilny]) as well as various mixed and innominate contracts. We prepare templates of agreements and regulations that are fully adjusted to the requirements of our Clients and purposes of the given agreement.

    We prepare contracts securing interests of our Clients and we pay attention to the fact that a contract should be aimed at the execution of business and should not make it impossible by creating terms and provision that will obviously not be accepted by the contractor.

    We conduct negotiations concerning content of agreements and provide support for our Clients when they are concluding them and in situations when they have to withdraw from them or terminate them. We advise on the execution of contracts by preparing letters and summons for the contractors, especially in cases of failure to perform the agreement or an undue performance of agreement by the other party.

    We conduct legal audits (due diligence) within the scope of designated agreements based on which we prepare reports presenting legal risks arising from the specific contracts.

    Our key Clients whom we provide or provided with services related to contracts:

    • Industrial Development Agency JSC [PL: Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A.] and companies belonging to the ‘ARP’ capital group
    • Industrial Division sp. z o.o.
    • Grupa Żywiec S.A.
    • Pilkington Polska sp. z o.o., Pilkington Automotive Poland sp. z o.o., Pilkington IGP sp. z o.o.
    • Ceramika Nowa Gala S.A., Ceramika Końskie sp. z o.o.
    • Can – Pack S.A.
    • CHEMOVER sp. z o.o.
    • Delta – Gas sp. z o.o.
    • Climbex S.A.
    • PGE Capital Group [PL: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.] and companies belonging to the PGE capital group (PGE Obrót S.A., PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A., PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.)
    • ENEA S.A. and companies belonging to the ENEA capital group (ENEA Wytwarzanie sp. z o.o., ENEA Operator sp. z .o.o., ENEA Trading sp. z o.o.)
    • Polenergia S.A. and companies belonging to the Polenergia capital group (e.g. Polenergia Dystrybucja sp. z o.o., Polenergia Obrót S.A., Polenergia Biogaz sp. z o.o.)