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    Legal and Procedural Situation of Energy Enterprise in Energy Regulation Issues


    Autor: Filip Elżanowski

    The book presents the characteristics of the material energy law and the essence of the administrative procedural law and combines these issues in the process of the analysis regarding energy enterprises situation. This is the only position on the market that combines the theoretical issues included in the title with the actual, current practice.

    The author undertakes the problem of assessment of the situation concerning energy enterprises through the prism of guarantees and standards of general jurisdictional administrative proceedings. The publication clarifies the phenomenon of decodification of administrative proceedings which constitutes an important source of risk regarding worsening of legal and procedural situation of energy enterprises. The study contains a complex review of judicial practice related to the discussed aspects and the actual doctrine.

    The book shall be a valuable support for energy enterprises with regard to the ongoing administrative proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office as well as appealing proceedings.

    The publication is addressed at the employees of legal departments of energy enterprises, employees of governmental, local self-governmental and European administration, legal advisors and attorneys dealing with tax advisory services for energy enterprises or energy and fuel recipients, academic staff working on administrative, energy and procedural law.

    “The book published by Filip Elżanowski, PhD, constitutes an important voice in the discussion on the shape of the current legal system related to regulations normalizing the mode of execution concerning the standards of material administrative law as well as in reference to increasing tendencies for gradual decodification of administrative proceedings”.

    Actualisation of annual fee for perpetual usufruct. Procedural issues


    Author: Łukasz Dziamski

    This publications is the first on the publishing market comprehensive discussion of the procedure of change of annual fee for perpetual usufruct.

    The book combines practical approach to the issue with theoretical analysis. The publication includes case studies and examples representing the implementation of regulations. Furthermore, it contains sample documents and commentaries on them, a list of decisions and writings, as well as statistical data of self-government appeal courts.

    This book is intended for perpetual lessees and will help them to understand actions undertaken by ownership authorities in order to change an annual fee for perpetual usufruct, show the possible actions in different stages of actualization proceedings and explain its course. This publication shall constitute a compendium of suggested solutions to the problems encountered at work by people working in real estate management, members of the self-government appeal courts, real estate agents, developers, and subjects investing in the real estate market. It will enable attorneys and legal advisers to familiarize with the procedure of actualization of annual fee in a transparent manner, and prepare them for professional customer care within this scope.