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    XXV Economic Forum in Krynica – Filip Elżanowski, PhD, on the energy market

    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, took part in the panel entitled “How much market on the energy market?”, organized within the Energy Path of XXV Economic Forum in Krynica. Topics associated with the energy industry are always among the most important ones discussed during the Forum, and the panels meet with remarkable interest of the participants of the congress and the media.

    The discussion entitled “How much market on the energy market?” in which the Minister of the Treasury, along with the presidents of companies operating on the energy market as well as experts participated, concentrated mostly on the mechanisms of interaction with the energy sector in the EU countries. During the debate, the report entitled “Renewable Energy Sources in Germany 2014” was also presented.

    Minister Andrzej Czerwiński presented the details of the new system of support regarding renewable energy sources (OZE) in Poland and emphasized that new solutions were supposed to constitute minimum burden for energy recipients. At the same time, Filip Elżanowski, PhD, called the attention of the participants to the role of low prices of electric current for final recipients, not only individual ones, but also corporate ones. He also pointed out that if we want industry to remain in Europe, we must think about a system of support for conventional energy industry – “Unless we make energy in Europe for the sake of energy itself. But if it is like that, we also agree to the exit of industry outside of Europe and closing factories”.

    The participants of the panel entitled “How much market on the energy market?” included:

    • Andrzej Czerwiński, the Minister of the Treasury; 
    • Filip Elżanowski, PhD, adjunct at the Department of Administrative Law and Procedure, University of Warsaw;
    • Janusz Moroz, member of the Management Board in charge of Commerce; RWE Poland; 
    • Kamil Pluskwa-Dąbrowski, President, Consumers’ Federation; 
    • Marek Woszczyk, the President of the Management Board, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna (the Polish Energy Group); 
    • Krzysztof Zamasz, the President of the Management Board, ENEA. 

    The discussion was moderated by a journalist of “Rzeczpospolita”, Agnieszka Łakoma.

    Fot.: Konrad Rogoziński. Photogenium

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