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    ECh&W at Heritage Fair 2015, 7-9th October 2015

    Another edition of Heritage Fair took place. Maksymilian Cherka, PhD, on 7th October conducted a panel during which initial proposals regarding the new perception (both from the legal and practical perspective) of the principal institutions of the Polish law referring to monument protection.

    During the discussion, speakers concentrated mainly on the registering of monuments and rules regarding entries into the records as well as the issue concerning the so-called “interventional entries”, gradation of monument protection forms and also on the relations between the regulations of the Code of Administrative Procedure and the regulations of the Monument Protection Act.

    The participants of the panel included the following:

    • Michał Socha – the President of Instytut Zrównoważonego Rozwoju (the Institute of Balanced Space) and Ewidencja Zabytków Biura Badań i Dokumentacji Zabytków Sp. z o.o. (Monument Registry of the Bureau of Research and Monument Records Ltd.) – specialist in monument protection and balanced space;
    • Tomasz Bąkowski, Prof. PhD – the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk, the Head of the Departament of Administrative Law, member of the Codification Committee of the Construction Law, legal advisor;
    • Dariusz Chmielewski – the Provincial Monument Conservator for Pomerania;
    • Łukasz Dziamski – attorney-at-law, the Head of the Practice of Cultural Assets in the ECH&W Law Office, expert on monument protection law.

    The Heritage Fair has been organized since 2013, initially as archive, library and museum equipment and facilities fair. In 2014, the monument protection and maintenance sector was added.

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