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    The ECh&W Law Office at the Polish National Economic Summit – Lublin 2015, 28-29th September

    In Lublin, the Polish National Economic Summit, dedicated to the national and economic security of Poland took place. The organizer was the European Business Centre, with the co-operation of and under the Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of the Lubelskie Province, Mr Sławomir Sosnowski and the Mayor of the City of Lublin, Mr Krzysztof Żuk.

    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, was the moderator of the panel entitled “The Future of the Polish Arms Industry in the Context of the National Security”. The most relevant issues which were discussed during the panel included the amendments in the defensive directive of the country in connection with the current political instability and the challenges deriving therein in relation to the arms industry, as well as in respect of research and development.

    The participants were reflecting on what ought to be done in order to make the Polish arms industry competitive on the European Union market. The issue of cyber-security and the role of the social media in relation to the management of crisis situations were also discussed.

    The participants of the panel included: Colonel Piotr Chudzik – the Head of the Provincial Military Headquarters in Lublin; Krzysztof Krystowski – the President of the Management Board, WSK PZL-Świdnik S.A.; Prof. Stanisław Koziej, PhD – the National Defence University; Sławomir Kułakowski – the President of the Management Board, The Polish Chamber of Defence Manufacturers; Konrad Raczyński – the Commercial Director, Enigma Data Protection Systems; Marek Wośko – the President of the Management Board of MAW Telecom Intl S.A., the Industrial Committee of the Euro-Atlantic Association.

    The honorary patrons of the Summit included: Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy – Janusz Piechociński, the Minister of Treasury – Andrzej Czerwiński, the Minister of Administration and Digitization – Andrzej Halicki, the Minister of the Environment – Maciej Grabowski, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Marek Sawicki, the Minister of Finance – Maciej Szczurek, the Minister of Infrastructure and Development – Maria Wasiak and the President of the Energy Regulatory Office – Maciej Bando.

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