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    ECh&W at a conference dedicated to conservation and architectural dialogue

    Between 21st-22nd October, at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, this year’s edition of the “BETWEEN ORTHODOXY AND CREATION. Conservation and Architectural Dialogue” conference took place.

    Within the block entitled “Revitalization From the Perspective of a Lawyer, Architect, Investor”, Counsellor Łukasz Dziamski delivered the lecture “Revitalization – Return to the City – Legal Perspective”. The Ech&W Law Office was the Substantive Patron of the event already for the fifth time.

    The organizers of the conference – the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, the Association of Polish Architects SARP, the Historical Monuments & Art Conservators Association Poland – emphasize that the protection of the cultural heritage is the obligation of every entity and each person identifying themselves with the contemporary understanding of the notion of balanced development, which has its social dimension. The conference is the most important Polish discussion forum during which architects, designers, investors, property developers, lawyers and also officials representing governmental as well as local self-governmental administration meet.

    Within the ECh&W Law Office, the Cultural Assets Protection Practice functions and during the conference, its head, counsellor Łukasz Dziamski, gave the audience an overview of the assumptions of the Revitalization Act adopted by the Polish parliament on 09th October 2015. During the presentation entitled “Revitalization – Return to the City – Legal Perspective”, the issue regarding defining the notion of “revitalization” by lawyers as well as possibilities related to creative approach towards the already existing legal instruments delegated to conservation and territorial self-governmental authorities were mentioned.

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