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    ECh&W Law Firm present at the Intermodal Transport Congress

    ECh&W Law Firm present at the Intermodal Transport Congress

    The first Congress of Intermodal Transport took place in September 2019 and was devoted entirely to container transport. The moderator of the debate on public aid and intermodal operators’ support was att. Michał Zięba – associate partner at ECh&W law firm.

    During the debate, a competition organized by the Centre for EU Transport Projects was summarized in which over PLN 1.2 billion was allocated to railroad carriers and intermodal terminal operators.

    In the debate over the necessary actions that would help to develop container transport, there were topics involving actions dependent on infrastructure managers such as clearing border crossings with neighbouring countries, increasing line capacity or extending railway station tracks as well as activities dependent on public institutions. During the debate, it was also emphasized that intermodal transport was strongly influenced by phenomena independent of national or even EU factors such as a possible global economic slowdown or the growing trade competition between the US and China.

    All of these actions should be based on long-term strategies at government level – just like in the Netherlands or Germany. In the latter country, both the state authorities and upper authorities have control over what is happening, including by the spatial development and planning process.

    This allows to connect industrial plants in the most efficient way.

    Att. Zięba posed a question to the public pertaining the appropriate public institution that should be the leader of public authorities in the field of intermodal transport. The vast majority of Congress’ participants came out in favour of the appointment of the institution of the government authorized representative for intermodal transport who should be at the forefront of the interdepartmental team.

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