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    Filip Elżanowski, PhD and Marek Kowalski as the authors of a chapter in the book entitled “Interoperability of the Rail System in the EU”

    The book was published in October 2015 by KOW, in co-operation with the Railway Institute and the Office of Rail Transport. KOW is the publisher of, for example, the bi-weekly “Kurier Kolejowy” (Rail Courier) and the portal, as well as the monthly “W Podróży” (On the Go).


    The textbook includes general information concerning interoperability of rail, administrative procedures and also adopted technical solutions. It also discusses the relations between various legal documents, e.g. between the Act on Rail Transport and the Building Law Act. The subject-matter editor is Marek Pawlik, PhD, Eng. Filip Elżanowski, PhD and Marek Kowalski are the authors of the chapter entitled “Legal Aspects of Interoperability of Rail”. They present therein the issues related to the regulation of the Polish rail market. They describe not only the derivative legal acts of the European Union, but also the administrative legal foundations for investments regarding railways. The authors discuss the issue of the Fourth Rail Packet, which is an attempt at the opening of the rail passenger transport market towards international competition within the EU.

    The book is intended for carriers and railway managers, producers, contractors, and also persons who are involved in substantive supervision of contracts and participate in the processes regarding completion of rail investments.

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