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    ECHW with seven new licensed lawyers

    For the first time in the history of the ECHW Law Office, as many as 6 attorney and solicitor trainees passed their examinations at the same time and swore an oath. 


    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, the laureate of the Manager Award 2015

    Counsellor Filip Elżanowski was appreciated by the Manager magazine for outstanding input in the construction and development of competitive energy market.

    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, was appreciated by the jury representing business circles for long-term activities in the field of energy industry as well as his input in the development of the Polish economy through active participation in the construction of the national energy policy.


    Krzysztof Wąsowski, PhD, on copyright management

    On 13th June this year, Krzysztof Wąsowski, PhD, an expert in the field of copyright, delivered a lecture entitled “Droit de suite in the Context of the Act of 04th February 1994 on Copyright and Related Laws”. 

    The meeting in which persons associated with the art market participated was organized as one of the events accompanying the “Horizon” exhibition organized within the project by Pop Up Gallery. 


    The lecture of Krzysztof Wąsowski, PhD, on copyright within the framework of events accompanying the HORIZON exhibition taking place within the Pop Up Gallery project

    On 13th June at 10am, in the Warsaw Studio Bank, there will be a meeting with the attorney,  Krzysztof WąsowskiPhD, an expert in the field of copyright.


    The brand new book by Filip Elżanowski, PhD, is already available


    In mid-May, the publication “Legal and Procedural Situation of Energy Enterprise in Energy Regulation Issues” appeared on the market, released by Wolters Kluwer SA. The book is the result of doctor Filip Elżanowski’s scientific project (habilitation). This is the only position on the market that combines the theoretical issues included in the title with the actual, current practice.

    The book presents the characteristics of the material energy law and the essence of the administrative procedural law. These issues are combined in the process of the analysis regarding energy enterprises situation.


    ECHW at 7th European Economic Congress

    EKG Katowice

    The 7th European Economic Congress took place in the newly opened International Congress Centre in Katowice between 20th and 22nd May. The ECHW Law Office was again a partner of EEC and its representatives participated in crucial discussions.

    7500 participants, including 700 panellists, attended one of the most important business meeting in the Central Europe. More than 110 debates and many accompanying events took place. The Congress was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, and among the participants included EC commissioners, ministers from European, Asian and African countries as well as numerous representatives of business and expert circles.


    Anything can be harassment

    Wszystko moze byc molestowaniem

    The practice is that if a woman is flirting, it is often in the court’s opinion just innocent flirt, entertainment – says Krzysztof Wąsowski, Lawyer, assistant professor at the Department of Law and Administrative Proceedings of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw.


    The Council Board of Bemowo has no mandate

    Zarzad bemowa

    The Mayor of Warsaw refused to grant mandate to the Council Board of Bemowo due to the lack of trust. The Bemowo self-government said that she was breaching the competences of a public functionary. Who is right?


    ECHW as a Partner of ING Wealth Management Program

    ING Bank ŚląskiThanks to the Wealth Management program, customers of ING Bank Śląski have access to services supporting management of their wealth.

    Services that make up the program are: legal and tax consulting, art advising, and educational consultancy. (more…)

    ECh&W – partner of the Polish nationwide “Chance for Monuments” conference

    Our Law Firm has become a partner of the third edition of the Polish nationwide “Chance for Monuments” conference which took place between 18th-19th December 2014 in the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw. The Honorary Patronage of the conference was taken by the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Bronisław Komorowski and by the Marshal of the Mazowieckie province, Mr Adam Struzik.

    This year’s meeting was held under the banner “Revitalization, Urban Policy and System Changes within the Context of Financial Perspective.” The subject matter of the event was connected with the problems associated with revitalization and balanced development within the context of urban objectives regarding monuments.

    Among the participants of the conference, there were provincial and municipal monuments conservators from all over the country, mayors and heads of cities, towns and communes, representatives of financial institutions and investors, architects and urban planners as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations.
    The summary of the first day of the conference was a block regarding system issues in which Maksymilian Cherka, PhD, made his appearance. The speech of Maksymilian Cherka, PhD, was entitled: Old Entries of Urban Arrangements – A Ticking Time Bomb? offered the listeners an insight into the issue of old entries in the urban arrangements register within the context of their legal value.

    The “Chance for Monuments” conference organized by the Mazowieckie Province Monument Conservator, the “Balanced Space Institute” Foundation with the co-operation of the Royal Łazienki Museum and the Bureau for Monument Studies and Documentation The conference was a unique meeting and we are proud that our Law Firm had become a partner for this year’s edition.

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