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    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, on Polish Radio 24 on the Social Dialogue Council and other issues

    On 07th November, Filip Elżanowski, PhD, was a guest of Polish Radio 24. The talk was related to the current economic situation of the country, with particular consideration referred to the energetic security as well as the challenges for the new government in that respect. Considerable space was devoted also to the Social Dialogue Council and the role which it might play.


    Interview with Filip Elżanowski, PhD, in “Poland Today”

    In the 04.2015 issue of the English-language magazine – “Poland Today” – in the section devoted to energy industry, an interview with Filip Elżanowski, PhD, appeared, providing the readers with an insight into the challenges which the Polish energy sector shall have to face. 


    Filip Elżanowski, PhD at the Eco Energy Summit

    Between 14-16th October, in Rzeszów, the Econ Energy Summit 2015 took place. During the debates and panels, the representatives of the public administration, the energy industry, experts and managers discussed various crucial challenges regarding the Polish energy industry. Filip Elżanowski, PhD, member of the Programme Board of the Summit, participated in two panel discussions.


    ECh&W at a conference dedicated to conservation and architectural dialogue

    Between 21st-22nd October, at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, this year’s edition of the “BETWEEN ORTHODOXY AND CREATION. Conservation and Architectural Dialogue” conference took place.

    Within the block entitled “Revitalization From the Perspective of a Lawyer, Architect, Investor”, Counsellor Łukasz Dziamski delivered the lecture “Revitalization – Return to the City – Legal Perspective”. The Ech&W Law Office was the Substantive Patron of the event already for the fifth time.


    Filip Elżanowski, PhD and Marek Kowalski as the authors of a chapter in the book entitled “Interoperability of the Rail System in the EU”

    The book was published in October 2015 by KOW, in co-operation with the Railway Institute and the Office of Rail Transport. KOW is the publisher of, for example, the bi-weekly “Kurier Kolejowy” (Rail Courier) and the portal, as well as the monthly “W Podróży” (On the Go).


    ECh&W at Heritage Fair 2015, 7-9th October 2015

    Another edition of Heritage Fair took place. Maksymilian Cherka, PhD, on 7th October conducted a panel during which initial proposals regarding the new perception (both from the legal and practical perspective) of the principal institutions of the Polish law referring to monument protection.


    The ECh&W Law Office at the Polish National Economic Summit – Lublin 2015, 28-29th September

    In Lublin, the Polish National Economic Summit, dedicated to the national and economic security of Poland took place. The organizer was the European Business Centre, with the co-operation of and under the Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of the Lubelskie Province, Mr Sławomir Sosnowski and the Mayor of the City of Lublin, Mr Krzysztof Żuk.


    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, in DGP on LNG

    On 23rd September, in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, an opinion of Filip Elżanowski entitled “LNG is a step towards full energy security of Poland” appeared.

    The article explains in what way the opening of LNG terminal shall influence the competitiveness of the Polish economy and emphasizes the importance of that event for the energy security of the country.


    The ECh&W Law Firm as a Patron of the Pop Up Exhibition

    The photographs of Chris Niedenthal and sculptures of Tomasz Górnicki shall be presented during the exhibition organized within the Pop Up Exhibition project. The works of the two artists can be admired between 25th – 27th September. ECh&W are one of the Patrons of the exhibition.


    XXV Economic Forum in Krynica – Filip Elżanowski, PhD, on the energy market

    Filip Elżanowski, PhD, took part in the panel entitled “How much market on the energy market?”, organized within the Energy Path of XXV Economic Forum in Krynica. Topics associated with the energy industry are always among the most important ones discussed during the Forum, and the panels meet with remarkable interest of the participants of the congress and the media.


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