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    The Railway Transport Practice

    We provide complex services for companies belonging to widely understood railway industry, including railway carriers, infrastructure managers, rolling stock and infrastructure elements producers as well as other entities operating within this sector.

    The scope of our advisory services covers, among other issues, proceedings conducted before the President of the Office of Rail Transport, including audit proceedings, proceedings concerning acquisition of licences and certificates allowing to operate various types of railway vehicles, acquisition of licences, certificates, authorizations and security certificates. We advise on issues related to European Union law regulations as well as investment processes in the railway transport sector. We represent our Clients also before other administration authorities and also courts (including the Court for Competition and Consumer Protection).

    We provide constant legal services for railway industry enterprises, we deal with solving ongoing legal issues. We prepare legal opinions and expertise, roadmaps of proceedings regarding the rail law and related issues, we undertake analyses of contracts and agreements as well as draw up contracts and agreements for enterprises. We conduct audits and prepare drafts for security management systems or regulations for the operation of rail sidings. We represent our Clients in co-operation with notified certifying and auditing bodies, authorized entities as well as evaluating authorities, and also in audit proceedings and with regard to imposing penalties or executing sanctions by public administration authorities.

    We draw up legal opinions, create and evaluate purchase agreements, leasing contracts and charter agreements regarding means of transport as well as their equipment, and also shipping agreements, transport contracts, access to infrastructure and so forth.

    We conduct court disputes and represent our Clients at every stage of the proceedings.

    We provide advisory services regarding merger and takeover transactions. We conduct legal audits of business entities belonging to the railway industry.

    If you need additional information referring to our services, please, contact us here:

    Marek Kowalski

    Head of the Railway Transport Practice
    tel.: +48 22 745 32 35

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