• The Energy Industry Practice

    The Energy Industry Practice

    We provide complex services to the benefit of the participants of the energy market – energy enterprises and electric energy recipients, as well as recipients of gas and liquid fuels. We offer consultancy and advising on issues connected with conducting business activity on the regulated market within the electric energy, gas and liquid sectors.

    We provide services for energy enterprises related to production, transferring, distribution and turnover of electric energy, gas and liquid fuels, in particular with regard to issues such as: conducting licensed business activity, system operator status, establishing and approving tariffs, connection to network, disputes related to refusal to conclude agreements, seller changing procedures, renewable energy sources support systems, high-efficient cogeneration and energy efficiency.

    We support electric energy recipients, as well as gas and fuel liquids recipients with regard to the issues connected with their participation on the energy market, including shaping energy management.

    We draw up and provide advising on contracts and agreements concerning conducting business activity on the electric energy market as well as gas and liquid fuels market.

    We prepare analyses of regulation risks, estimate and calculate them and also suggest ways to minimize them.

    We provide advising and consultancy regarding the compliance of the conducted (or planned) activity with the regulatory requirements of the energy market, including drawing up of legal solutions for specific business models. We prepare legal opinions concerning issues related to legal regulation of the widely understood energy market.

    We represent Clients in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and also draw up procedural documentation.

    We provide advising on issues related to renewable energy, including those connected with investments regarding construction of renewable energy sources.

    If you need additional information referring to our services, please, contact us here:

    Anna Kucińska-Bar

    Attorney-at-law, Head of the Energy Industry Practice
    tel.: +48 22 745 32 35

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